Advantages of Metal Church Buildings

Are metal buildings suitable for churches? Yes, in fact metal structures offer many benefits over traditional buildings.  Pre-engineered structures are a perfect solution for many congregations.  They can be designed for excellent energy efficiency, expansion and high sound quality all while saving time and money.  Exterior treatments can include brick or stucco and interior walls can use a variety of damping materials to enhance sound quality.

Cost Advantages of Metal Buildings

Prefabricated buildings typically cost about half of traditionally built structures – a substantial savings.  The savings come about for several reasons:

Longer terms cost advantages of steel buildings include lower maintenance and insurance costs.

Sound Quality

Churches require good sound quality and it is often assumed that a metal building will produce unpleasant resonance.  However, advances in material science and acoustical tiling can help produce the high quality sound that you and your congregation desire.

Other Advantages of Metal Church Buildings

Steel structures provide more than cost advantages.  Buildings are built off site so ground preparation can occur simultaneously – this combined with having all the components available in a central location substantially reduces the time needed to erect your new sanctuary.  In addition, the tight fitting components and proper insulation techniques enhance your church’s energy efficiency.  Your building can also be designed to be expandable as your community grows.