Worried about the cost of a new building?

Have you recieved a FREE Quote? If the cost seems a little out of your budget, why not consider financing your new building?

We make financing as easy as one, two, three...

1. Apply
It's easy to get started. Complete a simple no obligation online application.

2. Review
A dedicated transaction coordinator will be assigned to personally review your application.

3 Approval
Upon approval and receipt of documentation we work just like a check book. It's that easy.

Let's get started:

Types of available financing:

Operating Lease
Lease terms for custom buildings range from 2-years up to 10 years. Lease terms for inventory buildings range from 3 months up to 10 years.

Finance Lease
Terms range from 2-years to 20-years. MBSI offers either a balloon or a $1 buyout for ownership of the building at the termination point.

Municipal Lease
Acquire full ownership after the last payment is made. There is usually no initial cash outlay or down payment with this option.

Lease with Purchase Option
1 to 10-year term with a locked-in pre-determined purchase price.

Cash Purchase
Paid in full throughout the building process for custom buildings and on-delivery for current inventory. This program eliminates a monthly payment as well as monthly interest.

Fianacing is available for setup, site work, and accessories! Contact us with your requirements and we will help you determine the best solution.

*All financing is based upon credit approval.